Wendy Cassavaugh

Wendy is a Training Coordinator. Additionally,  she serves as a Camp 1 Promise Coordinator and as a Parent Aide Trainer. Wendy's call to care began when she was young and grew with her into adulthood. This calling led her to work with children, the elderly, domestic and sexual assault survivors, those in the life to death transition and the families connected to the individuals she served. She dedicated a year of her life to AmeriCorps, serving as a VISTA, Volunteer In Service to America. In this arena, she experienced a different type of crisis; hunger and homelessness.

With 25 years of personal and professional experience in the human services field, she realized, regardless of the professional hat she wore, people found it easy to talk to her on a personal level. She attributes this honor to her own growth and development that manifested through a lifetime of diverse personal and professional experiences. 

At age 42 and with the heart of a "lifelong learner" Wendy returned to college earning her title of Holistic Wellness Practitioner as well as a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology. With belief and trust in her own inner-knowing she followed her chosen educational path and created Full Reflections Wellness LLC, a Holistic Wellness Practice. Utilizing her professional modalities, Wendy specializes in Positive Psychology, Stress Management and Personal Empowerment.  

Wendy's favorite part of her job is supporting and empowering the families she serves. "We set goals and we continue to work toward those goals; It's never a straight path to success. It's a path that require flexibility, non-judgment, realistic expectation and gentle encouragement."

Although Wendy is proud of her educational and professional achievements and the work she does on behalf of others, the most rewarding and beloved part of her journey is the one she's on with her 3 grown daughters and 7 grandchildren, 1 little boy and 6 little girls! Thankful!


Wendy Cassavaugh, Training Coordinator

Parent Aide Program


Supervisor: Jacqueline Everett



Brandy Lambert


Brandy Lambert is a Family Support Aide in the Parent Aid program here at Onward Hope. 

Brandy is a kinship/foster parent and adoptive parent to her two very young grandchildren. Brandy is a dedicated and hard-working mother of four children. After experiencing the process of kinship/fostering and adopting firsthand, Brandy’s desire to help other families through the process grew and she knew it was time for a career shift. She holds an associate degree in criminal justice and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Prior to coming on board as a Family Support Specialist at Onward Hope Brandy was a Courtroom Clerk for Maricopa County Superior Court, specializing in Family Court cases. Brandy also has experience as a Financial Aid Counselor and a School Operations Manager. 

She values family and has a heart for helping others. Her job as a Family Support Aide allows her to educate families and strengthen their relationships. Brandy finds that as she gets further into her career as a Family Support Aide that she learns new skills to apply in her own life as a parent. In her down time, Brandy focuses on giving back to her community with her children through a variety of volunteer events offered through her church. 

She also enjoys hiking the beautiful trails of Arizona, writing and journaling, arts and crafts and making memorable moments with her children in the kitchen baking and/or cooking and by taking spontaneous road trips to Northern Arizona. One of her most recent hiking trips was to Tonto National Forest where she hiked the amazingly beautiful waterfall trail.

Brandy Lambert, Family Support Aide

Parent Aide Program


Supervisor: Jacqueline Everett


Kimberly Knox


Kimberly Knox is a Family Support Aide in the Parent Aide Program here at Onward Hope.

Kimberly was born and raised in a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. She fell in love with the Arizona weather and landscape during a few trips out west in high school. After graduating high school she moved to Phoenix, AZ. 

Kimberly always had a passion for working with children and always knew she would become an adoptive parent. She was a licensed foster parent for 6 years and adopted her 4 beautiful daughters all from foster care. Kimberly spent 11 years as a stay at home mom. 

She maintained her passion for helping children and families during her time as a stay at home on and hoped to be able to get more involved once her children were older. She recently returned to the workforce when her youngest daughter started school.

Kimberly also enjoys being outdoors and crafting in her free time.

Kimberly Knox, Family Support Aide

Parent Aide Program


Supervisor: Jacqueline Everett