Project Connect: Mentoring With Onward Hope

Check out this great video from The Storyboard Project: Mentor brought hope for the future of former foster youth. 

The day Monique was born, her drugged mother hid her in a drawer. Throughout her childhood, she struggled to navigate life while being passed between family members and the foster system. Then, while attending high school, Monique met her mentor: the first person in her life she could trust.

Mentor Match Program

The Mentoring Commitment

Our Project Connect: Mentoring Program matches youth in foster care, ages 15+ to an alumni of foster care or teen focused foster/adoptive parent. 

The shared experience of surviving and thriving after foster care is a unique experience and can help influence youth towards a positive direction. 

The mentors are matched for a 2-year commitment to help their youth develop and attain SMART goals for transition to adulthood. 


Becoming a Mentor

Mentor with OH!

Our mentors are either alumni of foster care (experienced foster care and/or adoption themselves) or have been a foster and/or adoptive parents, specifcallly to teens in foster care and have supported a youth in transition. 

Contacts Us to learn more about becoming a mentor with Onward Hope, Inc.